Best restaurants in Columbus Ohio

The Refectory Restaurant & Bistro

Every part of dining at The Refectory is curated for perfection. From the warm and inviting atmosphere to the superb service, guests feel sophisticated and refined from the moment they enter. The restaurant’s gentle lighting, luxurious upholstery, and excellent artwork provide an outstanding dining experience.

The Refectory excels in the cooking. Chef Richard Blondin leads the culinary team in creating a timeless and modern meal using classical French methods and new touches. Each meal is elegantly prepared and full of flavour, using the best seasonal ingredients from local vendors.

The Refectory’s menu showcases culinary excellence with delicacies for every taste. Everything from perfectly cooked scallops to luscious lamb is designed to accentuate the foods’ inherent flavours. The restaurant provides a tasting menu prepared by Chef Blondin for an exceptional dining experience.

In addition to its delicious meals, The Refectory has a large wine list with handpicked international wines. The restaurant’s expert sommeliers can help you choose the right wine for your dinner, whether you’re an oenophile or just seeking to enjoy a glass.

The Refectory delivers quality in every element of eating, which sets it unique. From booking until dessert, every detail is taken care of to make each visitor feel special. The attentive and experienced staff anticipates your every need and provides outstanding service with a personal touch that sets the bar for gourmet dining in Columbus, Ohio.

The Refectory hosts occasional unique events and gourmet experiences in addition to its regular dining offerings. These wine tastings and culinary sessions allow customers to connect with Chef Blondin and his staff and learn about each dish’s creativity.

The Refectory’s dedication to quality has made it one of Columbus’ greatest restaurants. Customers and critics have lauded the restaurant’s delicious food, outstanding service, and sophisticated atmosphere. The Refectory Restaurant & Bistro will exceed your expectations whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just seeking for a great meal.


Lindey’s dedication to quality sets it distinct from Columbus’ many eating alternatives. The entrance exudes elegance and warmth from the start. Classic sophistication, luxurious couches, cosy lighting, and exquisite design make the restaurant a great place for a romantic supper or a celebration gathering with friends.

Lindey’s is about elegance and substance. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farmers and producers, Executive Chef Brett Knipmeyer creates a delicious modern American meal. Lindey’s has something for everyone, from flawlessly grilled steaks to luscious seafood and creative vegetarian dishes. Lindey’s Burger, with aged cheddar and crispy shallots, and Lobster Mac & Cheese, with succulent lobster flesh and creamy cheese sauce, are standouts.

Lindey’s has a great wine list crafted by sommeliers, specialty cocktails, and artisanal brews to go with its delicious meals. Lindey’s provides something for everyone, from pairings to bar drinks.

Perhaps Lindey’s greatest strength is its commitment to excellent service. From seating until leaving, customers receive exceptional, personalised attention. Lindey’s crew is highly trained and dedicated about giving guests a memorable dining experience.

Beyond its delicious food and excellent service, Columbus people love Lindey’s for its community service. The restaurant often supports hunger relief and arts education via local charity events and fundraisers. Lindey’s has become a Columbus institution and a dining attraction thanks to its philanthropy.

The Guild House

The Guild House is one of Columbus, Ohio’s best restaurants for several reasons. Everything about The Guild House is great, from its excellent location to its expertly crafted food and customer service.

The restaurant’s use of local, seasonal ingredients in every dish is one of its most appealing qualities. Freshness assures great quality and supports local farmers and producers, boosting Columbus’ culinary sector. Every bite of soft Ohio-raised beef, fresh veggies, or artisanal cheeses shows the farm-to-table distinction.

The Guild House serves modern American food with foreign influences, giving something for everyone. From creative small dishes to substantial dinners and delicious desserts, each item is carefully prepared to delight even the pickiest customers. The Guild House offers a unique dining experience that celebrates history and creativity, whether you’re wanting a well cooked steak or international flavours.

In addition to its culinary skills, The Guild House is known for its excellent service. Guests are welcomed warmly and treated like friends from the time they enter. Every meal is customised by the attentive staff, who know the cuisine and are happy to provide suggestions.

Its sophisticated but inviting design makes The Guild House the appropriate dining venue for any occasion. The restaurant’s cosy atmosphere and subtle sophistication make it a favourite for special occasions or nights out with friends. With grace and flair, The Guild House hosts everything from romantic meals for two to boisterous parties for big groups.

Beyond its great cuisine, service, and atmosphere, The Guild House is known for its dedication to quality in every element of eating. The restaurant consistently exceeds expectations and sets the standard for dining excellence in Columbus, Ohio, due to its meticulous attention to detail in dish presentation, seamless coordination of kitchen and front-of-house operations, and genuine passion for hospitality that permeates every interaction.

M at Miranova

Guests enter M at Miranova into a refined and pleasant setting. The restaurant’s elegant lines and modern touches provide a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re celebrating or just looking for a good dinner, M at Miranova delivers elegance and comfort.

M at Miranova’s gastronomic experience is what sets it different, not simply its atmosphere. At M at Miranova, celebrated chef and restaurateur Cameron Mitchell prepares seasonal cuisine with creative twists. Local ingredients shine, assuring freshness and quality in every meal.

From appetisers to sweets, M at Miranova makes each dish with care. Every dish showcases the chefs’ skill, from the delicate seafood tower to the sumptuous dry-aged steaks.

M at Miranova emphasises service quality. From the time you enter, the hospitality is unmatched. They propose dishes and meet all your needs with grace and efficiency.

In addition to great food and service, M at Miranova has a great wine list that matches the meal. If you’re a wine enthusiast or just a wine drinker, the restaurant’s broad collection will please you.

Perhaps M @ Miranova’s greatest strength is its ability to make memorable meals. Whether you’re having a romantic meal for two or organising a big gathering, the restaurant’s attentive staff makes every occasion special.

Barcelona Restaurant and Bar

Barcelona Restaurant & Bar is a gastronomic treasure in Columbus, Ohio. Its excellent ambiance, service, and cuisine make it one of Columbus’ greatest restaurants. Barcelona’s lovely setting instantly captivates visitors.

The atmosphere blends elegance and friendliness as you enter. The simple yet sophisticated décor makes it ideal for private meals, celebratory parties, or just enjoying a wonderful meal. Barcelona’s atmosphere makes eating memorable, whether you’re at a cosy table or in the elegant bar.

It’s not only the atmosphere that makes Barcelona special—it’s the food. The carefully crafted menu features Spanish and Mediterranean-inspired meals. From appetisers to main meals, each dish is a gourmet marvel made with the freshest ingredients and unique methods.

Every meal at Barcelona celebrates flavour, texture, and presentation. Each taste of the classic paella, melt-in-your-mouth seafood, or flawlessly grilled meats is a revelation. Barcelona chefs understand the skill of combining classic recipes with modern tweaks, creating comfortable and interesting meals.

The Barcelona dedication to perfection goes beyond the plate. From wine matching to dietary restrictions, the courteous and educated staff ensures a wonderful dining experience. Every encounter shows their kindness, making your lunch unforgettable.

Barcelona has a great wine and beverage variety to go with its delicious food and service. Barcelona’s wide beverage selection has something for everyone, from wine lovers to cocktail lovers. Drinks to compliment your dinner include crisp whites, full-bodied reds, traditional cocktails, and inventive mixes.

Barcelona is essential to Columbus beyond its cuisine. When feasible, it sources products locally to support local farmers and producers and serve the freshest and tastiest food. Barcelona also conducts events and fundraisers, reinforcing its place in the local food scene.

G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar

Every detail of G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar is designed to excite the senses and create lasting memories. From the minute guests enter, the welcome setting blends modern sophistication with timeless charm. Warm colours and delicate accents create the atmosphere for a great gastronomic experience in the restaurant.

However, G. Michael’s exquisite attention to detail throughout the eating experience sets it unique, not simply the decor. From clean cutlery to attentive service, every detail is meant to enhance the visitor experience.

The food at G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar is the headliner. The menu celebrates flavour and inventiveness with influences from traditional and modern cuisine. Every mouthful is fresh and flavorful because each meal is carefully prepared with the best ingredients from local vendors.

G. Michael’s strives to showcase Ohio’s greatest cuisine. By working with local farmers, craftsmen, and producers, the restaurant can create a cuisine that showcases the region’s diverse flavours. From farm-fresh salads to luscious meats and seafood, every meal offers a narrative about the land and its farmers.

The food at G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar is very exceptional. Under Executive Chef John Smith, the kitchen crew puts passion, talent, and originality on every meal. Chef Smith and his staff push flavour limits with a passion to innovation and tradition, creating a familiar and intriguing dining experience.

The Ohio Cornmeal-Crusted Walleye showcases the restaurant’s quality. Crispy cornmeal coats the delicate fillet from local waterways, presented with a vivid succotash of seasonal vegetables. Each mouthful showcases Ohio’s culinary legacy with a symphony of textures and flavours.

The cuisine and atmosphere of G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar are excellent, but so are its wines, handmade cocktails and local brews. The educated staff can help visitors choose the ideal vintage or construct a drink to make their dinner unique.

G. Michael’s hospitality may be its greatest strength. Visitors are treated like friends from the minute they arrive until they leave. G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar’s pleasant and elegant setting is made unforgettable by the staff’s genuine warmth and welcome.

The Top Steakhouse

After opening in 1955, The Top Steakhouse is noted for its quality, service, and atmosphere. Every detail, from the dimly lit atmosphere to the excellent service, evokes a bygone era of sophistication and refinement.

Top Steakhouse’s menu pleases even the pickiest guests. The Top is one of Columbus, Ohio’s best restaurants for hand-cut steaks cooked to perfection over mesquite charcoal. A New York strip’s rich marbling and a fillet mignon’s buttery suppleness make every bite a symphony of flavour and texture, displaying the culinary team’s ability.

But The Top Steakhouse isn’t only for steak enthusiasts. It serves delicious pasta and seafood for everyone. From fresh lobster tail to homemade pasta, diners enjoy a unique culinary experience.

Beyond the wonderful meal, The Top Steakhouse’s extensive wine list enriches the dining experience. The Top’s bold reds and crisp whites satisfy every palate, making it Columbus’ best restaurant.

Beyond its food and wine, The Top Steakhouse’s atmosphere stands out. The restaurant’s leather couches, candles, and live piano music take you to a more sophisticated time. Warmth and generosity are shown to visitors regardless of the occasion or night out.

The Top Steakhouse is noted for its great food and pleasant atmosphere, but also its great service. From welcoming to waving goodbye, genuine warmth and concern make each visit special.

This dedication to perfection in every aspect of dining has made The Top Steakhouse one of Columbus, Ohio’s best restaurants. The Top provides great meals for couples, families, and groups.

Besides regular dining, The Top Steakhouse organises unique events and anniversaries, giving guests a beautiful venue to build memories. For a milestone birthday, corporate dinner, or “I do,” The Top’s trained team ensures every detail is perfect so guests can relax and enjoy the moment.

Watershed Kitchen & Bar

Watershed Kitchen & Bar’s quality commitment has made it successful. Warm warmth and a welcome atmosphere greet travellers at the door. The restaurant’s rustic yet modern décor sets the backdrop for a delicious meal, while attentive staff meets every need with grace and skill.

Food distinguishes Watershed Kitchen & Bar, not simply the setting. Inspired by Ohio’s rich agricultural terrain, the restaurant’s menu highlights local flavours and seasonal ingredients. Each dish is carefully prepared with farm-fresh vegetables, sustainably-raised meats, and artisanal cheeses, creating a fulfilling and heartfelt meal.

Watershed Kitchen & Bar supports local farmers and producers. The restaurant maintains freshness and quality and supports the local food system by acquiring most of its products from surrounding farmers and sources. This farm-to-table strategy improves food flavour and makes customers feel good about their meals.

The cuisine at Watershed Kitchen & Bar has something for everyone. You’ll find a delicious steak, fish, or vegetarian dish here. Pan-Seared Lake Trout and Ohio Pork Chop with bourbon-apple sauce are signature dishes. Erie Walleye are the region’s best, and inventive small dishes and shared appetisers start every meal.

No visit to Watershed Kitchen & Bar is complete without trying one of their masterfully made drinks. The restaurant’s renowned mixologists create cocktails inspired by historic recipes and local ingredients. You’ll find something you like here, whether you like bourbon or gin.

Along with its delicious cuisine and drinks, Watershed Kitchen & Bar is known for its sustainability and community involvement. Starting with eco-friendly culinary methods and engaging in local charity events and fundraisers, the restaurant aims to improve the world.

However, Watershed Kitchen & Bar’s commitment to outstanding guest experiences may set it apart. The restaurant’s attentive service and warm atmosphere make every visit memorable, whether you’re celebrating a special event with loved ones, having a romantic meal for two, or treating yourself to a night out.

The Rossi Bar & Kitchen

Patrons enter an appealing space with exposed brick walls, cosy seats and a busy bar. The restaurant’s décor seamlessly merges rustic charm with modern flare, providing an intimate and dynamic setting. Its adaptable layout and warm environment make The Rossi ideal for a casual supper with company or a romantic evening for two.

Food distinguishes The Rossi, not just atmosphere. The Rossi serves fresh and seasonal flavours to satisfy even the pickiest diners. Every menu item is carefully prepared, from appetisers like crunchy calamari and artisanal cheese boards to entrees like delicious steaks and creative vegetarian meals.

The Rossi’s dedication to quality in every facet of eating makes it one of Columbus’ greatest restaurants. The kitchen’s brilliant, dedicated chefs create dishes that please the palate and display the team’s culinary innovation and ability. Each kitchen dish is a piece of beauty, beautifully plated and full of flavour.

The Rossi serves delicious meals and a great assortment of drinks, wines, and local craft brews. Whether you’re craving a traditional or experimental drink, The Rossi’s talented bartenders will create something that matches your meal.

The Rossi’s hospitality may set it unique. The Rossi crew makes every visitor feel welcome and cared for from the time they walk in until the final sip of coffee. At The Rossi, you’ll be treated like family, making every meal special.

The Rossi’s awards and glowing reviews demonstrate its status as Columbus’ top restaurant. From local newspaper reviews to culinary awards, The Rossi’s reputation precedes it. The restaurant’s devoted customers, who return for its excellent food and service, may be its greatest tribute to its greatness.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing blends rustic beauty with contemporary sophistication in a downtown Columbus historic structure. Locals and tourists seeking an outstanding dining experience are welcome in the restaurant’s warm and friendly ambiance. The smell of freshly made food and the promise of beautifully brewed beers welcome customers as they enter.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing’s commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients sets it different from other Columbus restaurants. The restaurant’s chefs work hard to find ingredients from local farmers, craftspeople, and producers to make each meal flavorful and highlight Ohio’s best. Local sourcing helps the community and guarantees that Wolf’s Ridge Brewing’s meals reflect the region’s rich culinary tradition.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing is known for its unique food and focus on local ingredients. The restaurant’s wide menu is influenced by both classic and modern cuisine. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing has something for everyone, from buttermilk fried chicken and house-made pasta to creative small dishes and gourmet meals.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing’s trademark artisan beers must be tried. Beer lovers will find something they like in the outstanding assortment of house-brewed beers on tap, from crisp lagers to robust IPAs and deep stouts. The restaurant’s skilled brewers use traditional methods and creative flavour profiles to make unique, delectable beers.

Beyond its food and drinks, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing is known for its excellent service. The restaurant’s experienced and attentive staff loves food and wine and is always available to provide recommendations, answer questions, and make each dining experience exceptional.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing hosts events, fundraisers, and partnerships with Columbus organisations in addition to its restaurant and brewery. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing gives back to the community that has welcomed it by participating in charity beer festivals and cooperating with local companies to promote sustainability and environmental care.

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